About us

Limited Liability Company “PLASMAS”. Company “PLASMAS” was founded in 1990 in Russia in St. Petersburg. Firm “PLASMAS” is one of the first private small enterprises established in Russia. The company is actively independently on their own working in the field of hi-tech plasma technology. Small, efficient company. It has considerable, unique technologies and know-how. Technologies, equipment and materials are patented.

Russia 195427, St. Petersburg, ul. Academician Konstantinov, 1.
Tel. / Fax: + 7-812-6532590
Mob. tel.: + 7-911-7386412
E-mail: plasmas@list.ru

Our proposals. Cooperation.

  • Conducting research on the orders
  • Conducting joint research works
  • The development of new materials, new nanomaterials
  • Development of various types, kinds modifications functionalize materials, nanomaterials
  • Development and production of laboratory, pilot, industrial equipment for plasma modification of materials on agreed parameters
  • Organization of new production facilities for plasma modification of materials
  • The organization of new industries based on new plasma technology
  • Production and delivery of the agreed order of equipment for plasma treatment of seeds
  • Transfer of technology
  • Wholesale deliveries of packaged seeds plasmaseeds.ru