Plasma technologies for biotechnology, ecology

Plasma treatment, modification of medical and medicinal and sanitary materials, allows to obtain access to medical and biotechnological materials and products with new and unique properties effective without the use of harmful or environmentally hazardous chemical substances and compounds.

Hygienic material after plasma modification becomes higher hygroscopic properties – high speed of moisture absorption, increased amount of absorption, moisture absorption and retention of fluids. It turns out an effective hygienic material without harmful side effects, effects on the body, the human skin. Liquids – different biological liquids, solutions, water. Plasma treatment is carried out without the use of harmful chemicals.

Plasma-chemical modification of the activation.

Hygienic material (CELLULOSE + POLYMER) left – after plasma treatment After Plasma modification. Right – the raw material Initial material

The nonwoven pulp left – non-woven cellulose after plasma modification. Activation. On the left – nonwoven cellulose after plasma modification. Right – the usual. nonwoven pulp. On the right – initial nonwoven cellulose.

Plasma modification.

Activation. Fibrous materials. Wool. Coat after dyeing.

The Golden Fleece. Original vs. Plasma modification. Left-normal wool after dyeing. Right – dyed wool after plasma treatment.

Dyeing is carried out under the same conditions. After plasma chemical modification of wool:

  • Wool is best painted
  • reducing the time, temperature, power consumption, no special chemical additives.
  • increased sorption properties of materials on all elements, metals, heavy metals.
  • The absorption (sorption) Gold Au (alluvial Au, scaly gold) from the solution increases 10² -10³ times.

Mg. Ca, V, Cr, Fe, Mn, Zn, Ga, Br, Rb, Y, Zr, Nb, Mo, Pd, Ag, Cs, Ba, La, Ce, Pr, Sm, Eu, Gd ,Er, Au, Pb,Th, U – Sorption of uranium and transuranic elements increases 10³ – 10⁵

After plasma modification fibrous materials obtained high filtering, sorption material for purification and collection of the various elements and compounds from solutions.

Plasma-chemical sterilization.

Plasma treatment makes it possible to carry out a complete sterilization of various sanitary, medical, biological and other materials.

The photo shows the plasma treatment of the standard test sample of bacteria “Bacillus stearothermophilus” production of North American Science Associates, Inc.

The test sample bacteria “Bacillus stearothermophilus” North American Science Associates, Inc.

Treatment of the test sample bacteria in the plasma. Gas – O₂ (oxygen). Power RF generator 400 watts. The frequency of 27 MHz.

Protocol control bacteria, spores after conventional standard chemical + heat sterilization and after the plasma sterilization treatment.

In the control sample after normal sterilization – there are a number of colonies of bacteria, spores and their development in an acceptable amount of (1,1 x 10⁵), after plasma sterilization number of bacteria on the sample = “0”. Bacteria, spores – not.

Plasma sterilization – a complete sterilization without the use of harmful chemicals with low energy costs.

Plasma-chemical modification.

Nano cellulose

In a glass with water on the left – untreated, regular Nano cellulose. In a glass with water on the right – the solution – Nano cellulose after plasma chemical modification (activation). High speed solubility. A stable homogeneous slurry solution is stored for a long time. Plasma: RF glow discharge. Nano cellulose glow – the basis of highly effective medicines.

The technology of plasma modification of nanopowders (Nano cellulose and others) – allows you to create a new class of fast-highly effective drugs, medications, gels targeted delivery.

Microbeads refractory materials

Sorbents for Hromatografy. 1-2 micron

Use of microballoons of different materials.

  • Glass Ø 50 micron – 200 micron – for medical – for the treatment of burns in special beds, decorative materials, advertising technique, micro-optics, micro lens.
  • Glass Ø 100 micron – 500 micron – Blasting medical instrumentа
  • Blasting food equipment.
  • Glass microspheres Ø 1 micron – 3microns – for biotechnology, sorbents liquid and gas chromatography, pharmacology, composite materials, the micro lenses.
  • Microbeads special-purity quartz glass – for optics, laser, fiber optics, micro lens.
  • Ceramic, multicomponent microspheres – extenders composite materials, construction materials.
  • Material for restoration.
  • Medicine, cosmetics, pharmacy.
  • For extraction equipment oil and gas extraction.
  • Blasting oil and gas mining submersible equipment.
  • For shipbuilding (MgO, Al2O3), mechanical engineering.
  • To handle clean stone buildings, bridges, steel structures.
  • Microbeads of heavy metals (W) – “micro projectiles.”

Plasma treatment of seeds

Plasma technology seed treatment plants and special unique equipment developed by “PLASMAS”, intended for pre-processing of vegetable seeds, grain, forage crops, seeds, flowers, trees and shrubs. Plasma seed treatment (PIC) is performed under high-frequency plasma discharge under reduced pressure in a gas environment (for example – air) in a special unique plasma equipment.

  • The quality of seeds. Improving the safety of seeds and grains, provided long-term storage.
  • It increases the yield of vegetables, fodder, cereals.
  • Improve the quality and nutritional value of the crop – increases content of vitamins, proteins, micro and macro elements in the fruit and economically valuable plant organs. It reduces the rate of seeding. Reduced or even completely eliminated the use of chemicals – fungicides, herbicides, pesticides, insecticides.
  • Decorative landscape and economy. Accelerated strengthening of soil – growing grass, lawns, shrubs, trees (seed). Growing flowers with new colors and shades.
  • Medicine. Perfumery. Food processing industry. Growing and producing medicinal and aromatic plants with increased resource productivity. Cleaning (decontamination) of soils. Fast growing plants, cleaning contaminated soil.
  • Plasma seeds. vegetables, grains, flowers and industrial crops.
  • Getting high-quality, environmentally-, biologically and genetically-safe agricultural products.
  • Meeting the challenges of food security.
  • Trademarks and sign “PLASMAS.”
  • Production and wholesale supply of packaged plasma seeds since 1995.

Unique opportunity plasma modification

of organic and inorganic materials and medical preparations

  • Activation of the surface
  • Passivation, surface inactivation
  • Protection against acids, alkalis, UV radiation, biological fluids
  • Waterproofing, Hydrophobization surfaces
  • Hydrophilizing surfaces
  • Changing the porous structure of the material, the nanomaterial in the ratios of micro-nano-meso pores
  • “Sew down” the introduction of new atoms, molecules in the structure of the material
  • Modification of organic and inorganic compounds
  • “Sew down” modification of biological compounds modification of biological materials

Plasma modification of various materials

Paper. Leather. Cardboard. Fabric. Hydrophilizing – Waterproofing.

Plasma-chemical modification of ordinary writing paper. Upper paper sample – the hydrophilic treatment in the plasma. It turns an analog filter paper – High wettability and absorbency. In the center – the usual – raw paper. Below is a sample of paper – after the hydrophobic treatment in the plasma. The paper is not wetted and absorbs. All paper samples are on a horizontal surface. Fluid – water, various solutions. Appearance of paper is not changed.

Plasma-chemical modification.

Nano silica. Nano Diamonds.

Nano silica Ǿ~10-15nm

Nano Diamonds


  • Conducting research on the orders
  • Conducting joint research works
  • Development of various types, kinds modifications functionalize materials
  • Development and production of laboratory, pilot, industrial equipment for plasma modification of materials on agreed parameters
  • Organization of new production facilities for plasma modification of materials