Treatment of refractory powders

Plasma production of refractory materials micro balls, microbeads, glass micro balls, microspheres.

In 1997 year of “PLASMAS” organized and created a “zero” industrial plasma production of micro balls of refractory materials (glass microbeads). The volume production of 1000 – 1500 tons / year. Technology and equipment patented. RF Patent №2128148 of 03.09.1997year. The use of glass microspheres:

  • blasting and cleaning surfaces
  • shipbuilding
  • oil production
  • Road Marking
  • security
  • fillers composites
  • construction, restoration materials
  • medicine

Driving and operation HF installation

  • High-frequency generator HFI 11-60 / 1.76.
  • Plasma gas – argon, air, nitrogen, oxygen, etc.
  • Plasma torch – metal cutting, water-cooled, gas-cooled. The diameter of the plasma torch 60mm – 100mm.
  • Gas supply – laminar-vortex tangential. The length adjustable open jet plasma 150 mm – 900 mm.
  • The feed material powder satellite plasma plume.
  • The particle sizes of the refractory raw material powder processed material from 1 micron to 1000micron.
  • Processing performance glass powder, quartz sand – 15 kg / h (average).
  • Operating mode continuous, non-stop.

Industrial plasma production of high-melting materials (glass microbeads) is organised and created from “ZERO” in 1997year by “PLASMAS”. Volume of production 1000 – 1500 tons per year. Patent Russia № RU №2128148. 03.09.1997.

Application of glass microbeads: Grit blasting and scrubbing action of surfaces, shipbuilding, oil production, marking-out of roads, safety, fillers of composit materials,constructional, restoration materials, medicine. Customers- the oil-extracting companies.

Microbeads refractory materials.

Sorbents for chromatography.

The plasma synthesis of nanopowders

  • SiO₂, Al₂O₃, TiO₂, ZrO₂, Y₂O₃
  • SiC
  • Si₃N4, Si₃N4-Al₂O₃, Si₃N4-Y₂O₃, Si₃N4-Y₂O₃-Al₂O₃
  • AlN, AlN -Y₂O₃
  • TiN, TiCN
  • ZrO₂-Y₂O₃-AiN
  • CoAl₂O₄

The use of microbeads

  • Glass Ø 50 micron – 200 micron – for medical – for the treatment of burns in special beds, decorative materials, advertising technique, micro-optics, micro lens.
  • Glass Ø 100 micron – 500 micron – Blasting medical instrument
  • Blasting food equipment
  • For extraction equipment oil and gas extraction.
  • Blasting oil and gas mining submersible equipment.
  • For shipbuilding (MgO, Al2O3), mechanical engineering.
  • To handle clean stone buildings, bridges, steel structures.
  • Glass microspheres Ø 1 micron – 3microns – for biotechnology, sorbents liquid and gas chromatography, pharmacology, composite materials, the micro lenses.
  • Microbeads special-purity quartz glass – for optics, laser, fiber optics, micro lens.
  • Ceramic, multicomponent microspheres – extenders composite materials, construction materials.
  • Material for restoration.
  • Medicine, cosmetics, pharmacy.
  • Microbeads of heavy metals (W) – “micro projectiles.”