Plasma modification, functionalization of nanomaterials (nano diamonds, nano cellulose, nano silica)

Plasma-chemical modification.

Nano cellulose

In a glass with water on the left – untreated, regular Nano cellulose. In a glass with water on the right – the solution – Nano cellulose after plasma chemical modification (activation). High speed solubility. A stable homogeneous slurry solution is stored for a long time. Plasma: RF glow discharge.

The technology of plasma modification of nanopowders (Nano cellulose and others) – allows you to create a new class of fast-highly effective drugs, medications, gels targeted delivery.

Plasma-chemical modification.

Nano silica. Nano Diamonds.

Nano silica Ǿ~10-15nm

Nano Diamonds

Plasma technology modifications nanopowders (Nano cellulose, Nano silica, Nano diamonds, nanotubes and other materials ) – a unique technology to create new solar cells, for the new electronics, fuel cells, for the new storage elements and electric power conversion for new material alloys.

Unique opportunity plasma modification of nanomaterials, organic and inorganic materials.

  • Activation of the surface
  • Passivation, surface inactivation
  • Protection against acids, alkalis, UV radiation, biological fluids
  • Waterproofing, Hydrophobization surfaces
  • Hydrophilizing surfaces
  • Changing the porous structure of the material, the nanomaterial in the ratios of micro-nano-meso pores
  • “Sew down” the introduction of new atoms, molecules in the structure of the material
  • Modification of organic and inorganic compounds
  • “Sew down” modification of biological compounds modification of biological materials
  • Modification of biological materials


  • Conducting research on the orders
  • Conducting joint research works
  • Development of various types, kinds modifications functionalize materials
  • Development and production of laboratory, pilot, industrial equipment for plasma modification of materials on agreed parameters
  • Organization of new production facilities for plasma modification of materials