Plasma seeds

Plasma technology seed treatment plants and special unique equipment developed by “PLASMAS”, intended for pre-processing of vegetable seeds, grain, forage crops, seeds, flowers, trees and shrubs. Plasma seed treatment (PTS) is performed under high-frequency plasma discharge under reduced pressure in a gas environment (for example – air) in a special unique plasma equipment.

  • The quality of seeds. Improving the safety of seeds and grains, provided long-term storage.
  • It increases the yield of vegetables, fodder, cereals.
  • Improve the quality and nutritional value of the crop – increases content of vitamins, proteins, micro and macro elements in the fruit and economically valuable plant organs. It reduces the rate of seeding. Reduced or even completely eliminated the use of chemicals – fungicides, herbicides, pesticides, insecticides.
  • Decorative landscape and economy. Accelerated strengthening of soil – growing grass, lawns, shrubs, trees (seed). Growing flowers with new colors and shades.
  • Medicine. Perfumery. Food processing industry. Growing and producing medicinal and aromatic plants with increased resource productivity. Cleaning (decontamination) of soils. Fast growing plants, cleaning contaminated soil.
  • Plasma seeds. vegetables, grains, flowers and industrial crops.
  • Getting high-quality, environmentally-, biologically and genetically-safe agricultural products.
  • Meeting the challenges of food security.
  • Trademarks and sign “PLASMAS.”
  • Production and wholesale supply of packaged plasma seeds since 1995.

Equipment for the plasma treatment of plant seeds.

Power 10 kW
Power RF generator 4 kW
The frequency of 40 MHz

Scheme installation and operation: conventional seeds are loaded into the camera, the seeds are processed in the plasma on the conveyor plasma seeds derived.


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Plasma treatment of seeds

Plasma processing plant seeds (PTS) is performed in a high-frequency plasma discharge under reduced pressure in a gaseous medium (air, gas mixture) in the special plasma equipment.

For each type of seed are its optimal conditions of plasma treatment to obtain the best properties of seeds, plants, fruit – such as germination, vigor, field germination, plant resistance to fungal and bacterial diseases, the preservation of seeds and grains in long-term storage, accelerate plant growth and development in various pheno phase, increased plant yield, increase in the fruit content of vitamins, proteins, amino acids, micro- and macro – and other elements.

PTS has an advantage and effect as a result of the integrated multifactorial balanced effect on seeds compared to such known methods as: stratification, fermentation, irradiation electric or magnetic field, laser and ultraviolet irradiation, and others.

Plasma – the physiologically active substance.

PTS has the combined effect of all the seed – on protective cover on the cotyledons on the endosperm, germ to germ cells due to the full availability and balance such factors as:

  • temperature
  • pressure
  • humidity
  • UV rays (in the soft region of the spectrum)
  • Electric field
  • Magnetic field
  • ozone
  • atomic oxygen
  • Active components of the plasma discharge gas (ions, electrons, molecules, atoms, radicals, excited plasma particles))

The PTS absent:

  • sharp (drums) impacts on seeds (mechanical, chemical, electromagnetic, light, energy)
  • harmful chemical elements and compounds
  • gene changes in the structure of seeds

PTS promotes the potential that are inherent in inherent Nature itself of the seeds.

PTS occurs in the biological temperature (30 – 40 ° C). PIC at a temperature not penalized biological process in seeds, without destroying the protective coating and a destructuring seed endosperm of the seed.

PTS occurs under reduced pressure leads to partial dehydration (drying) of seeds. This contributes to the preservation of seeds and grains during prolonged storage.

PTS occurs in a residual (low) moisture. PTS has fungicidal (overwhelming) effect on the development of fungal and bacterial diseases of seeds.

During the mild PTS ultraviolet irradiation seed Biological spectrum. This also results in seed disinfection. PTS increases the resistance of seeds to fungal and bacterial diseases.

PTS takes place in the high-frequency electromagnetic field

PTS high-frequency electromagnetic field causes the volume effect of seed treatment. Heating and processing occurs in the entire volume of the seed (endosperm, cotyledon sprouts, etc.).

PTS occurs in the gas medium. The plasma discharge generated ozone, atomic oxygen, active radicals and other gas components plasma discharge.

Thanks to specially selected ratio of the plasma discharge parameters (frequency, power, geometry, pressure, gas, etc.). PTS has the active effect on seeds. PTS improves germination and vigor of seeds.

Plasma treatment of seeds is characterized by:

  • Complex effect on the seeds of such factors: temperature, pressure, humidity. ultraviolet radiation, high-frequency electric and magnetic fields, ozone, atomic oxygen, the active components of the gas discharge plasma (atoms, ions, electrons, excited, charged particles, and others.)
  • Balanced impact on external and internal parts of the seed. Seed shell becomes well permeable for water and gas, for nutritional solutions. Improved intercellular energy transfer and mass transfer in the seeds.
  • The seeds do not be entered from the outside.
  • Do not use chemicals or other harmful substances.
  • Seeds are sterilized, increasing the resistance of plants to fungal and bacterial diseases.

When the plasma treatment of seeds stimulated, activated that laid the seeds of Nature itself.

The effects

After plasma treatment of seeds:

  • improved seed germination by 10 – 50% or more (all vegetable seeds, fodder crops, medicinal and aromatic plants)
  • increases germination of seeds by 10 – 40%
  • increased crop yields by 20 – 50% or more (in terms of a good harvest of farming tomatoes were obtained on a 400 – 600% more)
  • increases the green mass of forage plants by 20 – 50%
  • Plant incidence is reduced by 30 – 50%, and more
  • increased content in the leaves and fruits of vegetables and forage crops ascorbic acid (30 – 60%), protein (10 -15%), sugar (30-70%), organic acids (20 – 70%), nitrogen phosphorus, potassium (15 -40%)

Equipment for the plasma treatment of seeds.

Plasma seeds in the fields.


Wholesale deliveries of packaged plasma seed, Production and delivery of equipment for plasma treatment of seeds of the agreed order. Transfer of technology.