Plasma seeds

Plasma technology seed treatment plants and special unique equipment developed by “PLASMAS”, intended for pre-processing of vegetable seeds, grain, forage crops, seeds, flowers, trees and shrubs. Plasma seed treatment (PTS) is performed under high-frequency plasma discharge under reduced pressure in a gas environment (for example – air) in a special unique plasma equipment.

  • The quality of seeds. Improving the safety of seeds and grains, provided long-term storage.
  • It increases the yield of vegetables, fodder, cereals.
  • Improve the quality and nutritional value of the crop – increases content of vitamins, proteins, micro and macro elements in the fruit and economically valuable plant organs. It reduces the rate of seeding. Reduced or even completely eliminated the use of chemicals – fungicides, herbicides, pesticides, insecticides.
  • Decorative landscape and economy. Accelerated strengthening of soil – growing grass, lawns, shrubs, trees (seed). Growing flowers with new colors and shades.
  • Medicine. Perfumery. Food processing industry. Growing and producing medicinal and aromatic plants with increased resource productivity. Cleaning (decontamination) of soils. Fast growing plants, cleaning contaminated soil.
  • Plasma seeds. vegetables, grains, flowers and industrial crops.
  • Getting high-quality, environmentally-, biologically and genetically-safe agricultural products.
  • Meeting the challenges of food security.
  • Trademarks and sign “PLASMAS.”
  • Production and wholesale supply of packaged plasma seeds since 1995.

Examples of results of the plasma treatment of seeds.

Potatoes, conventional seed left, to the right plasma seeds.

Tomatoes, conventional seed left, to the right plasma seeds.

Tomatoes, conventional seed left, to the right plasma seeds.

Tomatoes in a greenhouse, seeds of conventional left, right plasma seeds.

Conclusions expert reviews of the plasma processing technology PLASMAS seeds.

Equipment for the plasma treatment of plant seeds.

Power 10 kW
Power RF generator 4 kW
The frequency of 40 MHz

Scheme installation and operation: conventional seeds are loaded into the camera, the seeds are processed in the plasma on the conveyor plasma seeds derived.


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Wholesale deliveries of packaged plasma seed, Production and delivery of equipment for plasma treatment of seeds of the agreed order. Transfer of technology.