Plasma treatment

fruits, vegetables, fruit in a high-frequency discharge.

Plasma treatment fruits, fruit, vegetables increased crop protection, safety presentation in 2-3 times. Plasmas technology does not use of harmful chemicals. Plasmas technology is safety for environmental, biological and genetic.

Plasma processing vegetables and fruit. Scheme.

  • raw vegetables / fruits
  • container with a special water
  • special water generator
  • conveyor
  • guard
  • a plasma generator (plasma flow)
  • ventilation (air extraction)
  • packaging and storage of processed vegetables / fruits

Processing of fruits of vegetables, fruit in a plasma discharge VChE keeps external presentation, food, nutritional value for a long time without the use of harmful chemicals, no special packaging.

The photo shows the results of storage salad without treatment “A” and salad after plasma treatment “B” in the open air for a long time. Salad “B” was the plasma treatment, and a salad “A” no. On the salad “A” can be seen rotting leaves but the salad “B” preserves its fresh appearance and properties.

Technical parameters of the equipment

  • Power consumption (3h380v 50Hz)
    < 50kW / h;
  • HF frequency generator 27MHz, 40MHz.
  • Power generator 10 -20 kVA.
  • The volume of the plasma process chamber is 5 – 10 cubic meters
  • Performance
  • fruit weight up to 500 kg / h
  • volume (salad greens) to 1 cubic meters / hour
  • Expendable materials
    • Water
      < 1 cubic meter / hour;
    • air
      < 10 cc. m / hour
    • Electricity
      < 50 kW / h
  • Power supply
    • ground
    • water
    • Electricity
      < 50 kW per hour
    • water consumption up to 10 cubic meters per hour
    • exhaust ventilation, general exchange
    • sewage drain
  • Operating mode continuous
  • Attendants 4 people per shift
  • Plasma technology and equipment of PLASMAS for the safety fruit, fruit, vegetables. Russian Patent RU №2312562 from 06.02.2005.